Hilton Capital Management was founded in 2001 as a registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisor's Act of 1940. Our office is located just outside of New York City, in the village of Garden City on Long Island in New York. Hilton Capital has clients nationwide and manages over $450 million in client assets. Hilton serves both private and institutional clients. We are committed to delivering solid performance to our clients with an emphasis on reducing downside volatility. HCM follows a unique process that principally focuses on income generation as a key component to competitive total returns while keeping focused on minimizing risk and volatility.

As a boutique investment manager, Hilton offers the personalized service and entrepreneurial attitude that many of our larger competitors no longer provide. We put our client's interest first and work to define and understand each unique objective at the onset of the relationship. Hilton is an affiliate of Rafferty Holdings, the owner of Rafferty Capital Markets, a NY-based brokerage firm with stakes in both Hilton Capital Management and the Direxion Funds.

Commitment to Client Service

We communicate with our clients through regular meetings and portfolio appraisals. Clients also have direct access to their account information through their custodian bank's website.

Hilton clients have direct access to the members of the investment committee who oversee all of our client relationships. We believe our clients deserve to speak with the decision makers, not a sales person.

Our investment decision process is driven by in-depth fundamental analysis overlaid on our tactical asset allocation based on our macro-economic forecasts. The goal of our process strives to provide competitive returns with low volatility. All members of the investment management team collaborate in the decision making process.

Mission Statement

"Hilton Capital Management's mission is to provide superior wealth management services. We strive to preserve our clients' capital and build sustainable wealth.

Risk-adjusted returns are the paramount concern. Each client's individual risk parameters are determined and an appropriate portfolio is constructed to match client objectives.

This mission is to be pursued with transparency, customer service, and business integrity."