They say you can judge a person by the company they keep…

The Hilton Tactical Income Strategy has long been considered an essential ingredient of a balanced portfolio. So it makes sense that it’s included on the most prominent platforms in the world.

Perhaps the greatest acknowledgement of our commitment and discipline is that our advisors ask for us by name. It's how we have been able to align with the world's largest and most robust platforms. 

The Hilton team is known for providing unparalleled access to portfolio management teams. While some might not consider a 1.5 billion dollar strategy “boutique,” Hilton is very much a boutique firm that treats institutional and advisor relationships the same way we treat our individual clients - with great care and respect.

The Tactical Income Strategy invests across asset classes tactically, thereby freeing advisors from the burden of selecting individual stocks, funds or ETF’s that satisfy their clients’ requirements. This allows advisors to focus on building their core business processes, servicing their clients and marketing their offerings. Hilton spends a great deal of time with advisors to help identify ways to incorporate the Tactical Income Strategy into their offerings and will even present directly to their clients and prospective clients.



Below is a list of the growing number of platforms that provide access to the Hilton Tactical Income Strategy.

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