We like to think we have a certain synergy with our advisor clients. 

By sharing our approach, methodology, and market insights with advisors, they get the information they need to assist their clients in making better-informed investment decisions.

We also offer advisor access to our portfolio managers, as well as a suite of investment vehicles. Our products are available as separately managed accounts and on some of the world’s premier investment platforms.

Likewise, advisors help bring our strategies to market and introduce Hilton to investors who might not otherwise discover us. In addition, we learn more about changes in investor needs, preferences, and challenges. When you’re aligned in serving the end-investor, everybody benefits. 

Hilton Capital strategies are available on the world’s premier investment platforms

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What We Offer to Our Advisor Clients


1. Education

  • Insights and global market knowledge.
  • Downloadable strategy updates.
  • Market resources including articles, videos, webinars, and more.

2. Support

  • The Tactical Income strategy is accessible as a SMA or mutual fund with Direxion, and is available on select investment platforms.
  • Other strategies are accessible via SMA and selected investment platforms.
  • Presentations to clients, groups, or prospective clients upon advisor request.

3. Communication

  • Full portfolio transparency.
  • Access to portfolio managers.
  • Participation in regularly scheduled meetings and seminars

Why Registered Investment Advisors Work with Hilton Capital

Why Registered Investment Advisors Work with Hilton

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