Hilton Capital is fortunate to have a robust community of advisors who recommend our core strategies to their clients. This direct relationship between advisors and investment strategists such as Hilton is a coveted one in the industry and something we guard ferociously.Why have so many advisors chosen to partner with Hilton and recommend our core strategies?

For us, the answer is extremely straightforward but difficult in practice: we pay attention to their needs.

Of course, the most successful relationships are two way streets. As much as our advisors rely on us to provide the very best service and consistent results, we rely on our network of advisors to keep a finger on the pulse of the investment community. Financial advisors have an incredible sense of the marketplace and the needs and desires of investors. And so we listen. We listen intently to our advisor community, to our investors and to macro and micro market signals. Because getting it right is far more important than getting the credit.

Hilton Capital provides unparalleled access to our portfolio management team. 

Yes, it’s a simple philosophy and one that sounds fairly easy to implement. The fact is few investment firms are as client-centric as Hilton Capital.

But there’s a hidden benefit to maintaining an open pipeline of communication with advisors in the industry, beyond the extraordinary level of retention we enjoy. Advisors have unique insights to the market and a panoramic view of investors throughout the world.

The relationship between Hilton and the advisor community is a true partnership and one that has become symbiotic over time. Because our core strategy, Hilton Tactical Income, invests across asset classes, advisors are freed from choosing individual stocks, funds or ETF’s and can focus on building their individual businesses. Advisors help Hilton bring our strategies to market, thereby introducing our strategies to a network of investors who might not otherwise discover our methodology.


The 3 Pillars of the Hilton/Advisor Relationship

1. Education

The Hilton team spends as much time as necessary with our advisor partners to ensure they are armed with insight and knowledge to make the best decisions for their clients.

2. Support

Hilton is frequently asked to present directly to clients, groups of clients or prospective clients as a premier investment partner to our advisors.

3. Communication

We are known for being incredibly responsive. We treat our advisors the way we wish to be treated. This means picking up the phone, scheduling regular meetings, and participating in conferences or seminars upon request.
As we said, sounds fairly simple but the level of service and communication we provide to the advisor community is truly extraordinary and something other firms pay lip service toward but rarely meet.