The firm actively manages four different investment strategies which span a range of asset classes and investment objectives.

Hilton maintains a strong focus on customer service. Our products are designed to meet the needs of both individual and institutional investors. Hilton’s strategies are centered on sound investment decision making with strong emphasis on downside protection. All investment decisions are made by a team of five investment professionals who average over 25 years of experience in the financial markets. As we continue to expand our product offering, Hilton remains committed to the overall mission of performance, transparency, growth, and risk mitigation.

Bill Garvey
Chief Investment Officer
Bill Garvey

We’re not interested in hugging benchmarks. We actively seek out opportunities and capture them.

It’s impossible to talk about Hilton Capital without speaking to the internal culture of the firm. Firms with a conservative investment approach are rarely lauded as being entrepreneurial, but Hilton has been able to achieve this balance effectively since inception.

Obsessive attention to detail, open communication with investors and advisors and a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom and view the markets both tactically and strategically have created a culture of success at Hilton that is unparalleled. Everyone at Hilton Capital has a voice, which is one of the reasons our team is highly tenured and our clients stay with us for so long.

Craig O’Neill
Craig O'Neill

What makes Hilton so compelling as a company is that we’re able to balance entrepreneurship with conservatism.

Hilton Capital Management Timeline

  1. William Garvey

    June, 2001

    Founds Hilton Capital Management.

  2. Craig O'Neill


    Joins Hilton Capital Management as CEO & President.

  3. Alexander Oxenham, CFA


    Joins Hilton Capital Management as Partner & Co-Chief Investment Officer

  4. DIVYs & Mutual Fund


    Mutual Fund

  5. Crossing the $1 Billion Mark


    For AUM (Assets Under Management)

  6. Timothy Reilly & ETI


    Timothy Rielly
    Joins Hilton Capital Management as Portfolio Manager
    ETI Strategy

  7. Thomas B. Maher & SMCO


    Thomas B. Maher
    Joins HIlton Capital Management as Portfolio Manager
    SMCO Strategy

Our Strategies

Explore our strategies to find the best fit for your objectives.

Tactical Income

Seeks capital preservation with an emphasis on income generation as a key component to competitive total returns while minimizing risk and volatility.
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Dividend & Yield

Diversified portfolio of global dividend yielding securities managed tactically utilizing the Hilton Capital Management investment process.
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Efficient Tactical Income

Incorporates passive and non-passive funds to replicate the asset allocation process of the Hilton Tactical Income strategy.
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Small and Mid Cap Opportunities

The Small and Mid Cap Opportunities Strategy appeals to investors seeking exposure to small and mid cap equities, where diversification is critical but is not determined by index weights.
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