Small and Mid Cap Opportunities

Hilton Capital constructed this strategy for serious investors seeking equity exposure in the small and mid cap markets without taking excess risk.
Then we hired one of the best small and mid cap portfolio managers in the nation to run it.

At a Glance

Portfolio Highlights

  • We combine small and mid-cap equities in one portfolio in order to generate returns with lower volatility than a pure small cap strategy.
  • While the process is value oriented we investigate stocks across the spectrum: value, core and growth. The resulting portfolio is one that maps core in profile.
  • Typically we hold between 50 and 75 stocks, with a minimum of 75% of the holdings in the market capitalization range of the primary index, the Russell 2500.
 Small and Mid Cap Opportunities Sector Analysis Pie Chart

Small and Mid Cap Strategy

Sector Analysis

Communication Services
Consumer Discretionary
Consumer Staples
Information Technology
Real Estate

Source: Indata Portfolio Holdings Report, 9/30/21

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At a Glance

There are several unique aspects to this strategy. But the one familiar note is Hilton’s consistent aversion to volatility. The SMCO Strategy mitigates risk by examining company fundamentals, avoiding declining industries and diversifying the portfolio with more than sixty top performing companies.

The Small and Mid Cap Opportunities Strategy seeks to generate risk adjusted returns over the long-term.
  • An essential element of any equity strategy
  • Built on strong corporate fundamentals, not sectors and trends
  • Focused on returns with less volatility
  • Offers exposure to solid, U.S. based companies
  • Led by experienced, high quality strategy managers

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Throughout his career as a portfolio manager, Thomas Maher has been attracted to value but, more focused on a rigorous examination of company fundamentals. He attributes his long-term success in small and mid cap investment strategies to “rigorous research and a disciplined approach.” These characteristics demonstrate great philosophical alignment between Mr. Maher and the Hilton Capital investment team.

“Managing between 50 and 75 positions,” explains Maher, “is intense but I’ve found it to be a sweet spot. It’s narrow enough to allow for incredible depth of insight and knowledge into all of our key positions and broad enough to shed risk through diversification.”

The Small and Mid Cap Opportunities Strategy appeals to investors seeking exposure to small and mid cap equities, where diversification is critical but is not determined by index weights. The portfolio is comprised of dynamic companies from all sectors of the economy. The ability to consistently execute at a high level, outperform its peers and generate cash are all hallmarks of the equities we select.

Thomas B. Maher
Portfolio Manager
Thomas Maher

We look to participate in up markets and protect the downside in more challenging periods. The ability to critically assess business models is essential to success over a whole market cycle.

Thomas Maher joins Bill Garvey, Craig O’Neill, Alexander Oxenham and Tim Reilly on the Hilton Investment team and serves as Portfolio Manager for the Small and Mid Cap Opportunities Strategy. Contact Hilton Capital Management today to consult with or book a member of our investment team for a conference or speaking engagement.