Tactical Income

The Hilton Capital Tactical Income Strategy ("Tactical Income”) seeks capital preservation with an emphasis on income generation as a key component to competitive total returns while minimizing risk and volatility.

Tactical Income is a balanced investment strategy that seeks to mitigate portfolio risk by creating a diversified portfolio of income producing securities that offer the potential for capital appreciation.

All potential investments are approached from a global macro-economic perspective, taking into account fiscal/monetary policy, interest rates, commodity pricing, government policy and general business conditions. Based on these perspectives, a top down analysis is applied to identify sectors and individual companies which fit the desired risk and income profile based on fundamental analysis of balance sheet, credit quality and income stability. In this process companies with which to invest are identified, as well as where in the capital structure investments will be made.

The decision making process is a team approach amongst the Chief Investment Officer William Garvey and Portfolio Managers Alexander Oxenham, Craig O’Neill and Tim Reilly.

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Dividend & Yield Strategy (DIVYS)

Diversified portfolio of global dividend yielding securities managed tactically utilizing the Hilton Capital Management investment process.

This strategy seeks to deliver competitive risk-adjusted performance over time by investing in companies with above average income through a focus on securities with a history of above average dividends, dividend growth or dividend stability. DIVYS may also tactically invest across other asset classes e.g. preferred securities, trust preferred securities, etc., where there may be potential opportunities for capital appreciation and income. This  low beta approach is designed to limit exposure to downside risk when compared to general equity market index investing. The Hilton teams focuses on the sustainability of the dividend and the opportunity for dividend growth rather than on the absolute level of the company’s dividend.

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Efficient Tactical Income Strategy

The Hilton Efficient Tactical Income strategy (“ETI”) will incorporate passive and non-passive funds to replicate the asset allocation process of the Hilton Tactical Income strategy.

ETI aims to deliver a consistent level of income while focusing on capital preservation. The Hilton investment team will invest in passively managed exchange traded funds (ETFs), and other funds, to construct a diversified portfolio which seeks to achieve a superior risk adjusted rate of return. The ETI strategy will invest in funds that include common & preferred stock, MLPs, REITs, and a wide variety of debt instruments.

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Small and Mid Cap Opportunities

The Small and Mid Cap Opportunities Strategy appeals to investors seeking exposure to small and mid cap equities, where diversification is critical but is not determined by index weights.

The portfolio is comprised of dynamic companies from all sectors of the economy. The ability to consistently execute at a high level, outperform its peers and generate cash are all hallmarks of the equities we select.

The Small and Mid Cap Opportunities Strategy seeks to generate risk adjusted returns over the long-term and is an essential element of any equity strategy. SMCO is a fully invested strategy that manages between 50 and 75 equity positions in US-listed stocks in the market cap range of the Russell 2500. 

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