There is an intangible quality that separates our individual investors from the rest of the world. It’s not something you can define or attempt to understand. Those who amass great wealth during their lifetime have an innate quality that makes them special; it’s nearly impossible to replicate and even harder to explain.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of our relationship with our clients is hearing how they did it. No two stories are the same and each one is more incredible than the next. It makes the journey that much more fascinating.

Those who have built wealth are often hardwired to take risk. The ones who persevered through thick and thin have seen their fair share of sleepless nights. Hilton Capital is built on a culture of discipline to ensure we maintain a rocksteady focus on wealth preservation. The reward for risk taking throughout your life shouldn’t be more risk and even more sleepless nights.

Finding the Right "Fit"

Perhaps the most overused term in our industry is “boutique.” It’s a way for small investment firms to market themselves as efficient and focused rather than admitting to a lack of resources. Thus, we take great care to explain that Hilton Capital is a boutique firm as a result of our deliberate adherence to certain fundamentals and disciplined strategy.

We have had plenty of opportunities to grow through acquisition, adding strategies or aggressive hiring. Any or all of these would have been easy to do over the past several years, but it’s simply not who we are. Our resources are abundant and our investor base is substantial and we understand that our success is derived from delivering results in all market conditions. Therefore, it’s imperative that each member of our team is dedicated, loyal, invested and highly skilled.

What makes us “boutique” is our accessibility. We treat our investors as individuals and develop lasting relationships, which is why we have thrived through myriad economic cycles and maintained a dedicated roster of wealthy individuals who appreciate the one-to-one nature of our relationships. So if you can forgive the use of a hackneyed term such as “boutique,” we promise never to use “artisinal” or “craft” to describe our services.


Taking Our Own Medicine

Another defining characteristic of Hilton Capital is our personal investment in the strategies we employ.

Every member of the firm is personally invested in Hilton’s strategies and everyone’s perspective and experience is tapped to ensure we maximize performance and never rest on our laurels. The consistency of the Hilton team in composition and methodology is vital to our performance and ability to manage the expectations of our investors.

Hilton Capital launched well before the financial crisis and our core strategy proved to be as stable as our management team.

This longevity and proven track record comes from a complete alignment with the interests of our clients because we don’t just dispense advice… we take it too.