Most firms treat their relationship with institutions in an institutional manner.

What Hilton Capital understands better than most is that institutions are comprised of people.

Thus, we apply the same human touch and personal level of service to our relationships whether it’s a public pension or wealthy individual. We understand the degree of pressure that institutional managers are under to perform consistently in different market environments.

Hilton’s rock solid performance over time and through multiple economic cycles combined with an intense level of personal service has allowed us to grow exponentially over the past two decades. Our institutional relationships are a big piece of the reason.


Relationships with institutions don’t have to be institutional.

Hilton Capital was built on a high degree of trust that we have earned over the years with our investors, whether they’re wealthy individuals, family officers, institutional managers or advisors.

Each relationship is managed personally by members of Hilton’s experienced investment team. We understand the needs of our clients and look to remove barriers and pain points to create an open, efficient and transparent environment.

1. Access

Managers have complete access to Hilton investment officers who thrive on transparency and communication.

2. Flexible

Hilton Capital works diligently to break down barriers and create flexible options for custodians.

3. Compliant

Hilton is and has always been intensely focused on compliance, as demonstrated by our clean regulatory track record.

4. Thoughtful

While every member of the Hilton team has a voice, we listen more than we speak. We hear the needs of our clients and dedicate as much time as necessary to ensure they have complete access to and comfort with our team.