Hilton Capital’s Dividend & Income Strategy Named 2022 SMArtX Virtual Award Winner

Hilton Capital Management’s Dividend & Income Strategy is awarded SMArtX Advisory Solutions’ Global/International Strategy of the Year.

March 17, 2022 1 minute read

Winning strategies are selected from SMArtX category peer groups based on superior performance or superiority across other statistical metrics. Three key competition criteria include 2021 performance, rolling three-year performance, and a rolling three-year Sharpe ratio.

The Dividend & Income Strategy is the SMArtX moniker for Hilton’s Dividend & Yield (DIVYs) strategy launched and managed by Co-Chief Investment Officer Alex Oxenham in 2014. DIVYs is a lower-beta strategy comprising large- and mid-cap dividend-paying equities tempered by tactical adjustments to S&P 500 Index sector weightings一and plays to Oxenham's formidable expertise in these areas.

“We’d like to thank the SMArtX team for this significant acknowledgement,” said Oxenham. “We’re also proud to be partnering with SMArtX as they grow their business to deliver a best-in-class TAMP and excellent product solutions for their clients,” he added.

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